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50 new hats, new "weapon", and ridable car

Posted 7/12/2017

In the next update: new gameplay chips, new decorative items

In July, we want to please you with another major update. Is waiting for you:
- a lot of decorative items:

- Now, if the dog decides to block the lover with his body, it can be kicked off.

- The husband can now find a melee weapon (another friend of the Wife), the damage from which will be much more than with a hand. It can be found near beds

- Another feature is a compact wife's car, which can help Wife and Lover in the fight against Husband's team. With the help of it, you can shoot down a husband and a dog, thereby stunning them for a while. But be careful, the machine can break from frequent hits and tases!

Also the update will contain several bug fixes and fixes on the map.

Stay tuned for updates!